Hi everyone!

So we’ve discovered that we suck at managing the blog. HAHA In all fairness Chelsea is in grad school now so that takes up most of her time. I just finished a 12 days stretch at work which is basically all I’ve had energy for..

Then there is crossfit. We’ve made some pretty massive improvements lately. Chelsea’s deadlift is now OVER #200!! She’s getting so much stronger! Everyone cheer her on!  I got chest to bar pull-ups reversed grip but hey they still count! 🙂 We’ve made some other PR’s but trying to think back on them right now isn’t happening. Our box is going to switch to Wodify soon, so we can post some screen shots of our times in the future. That’s going to be so awesome! Not going to lie, I’m super excited for this upgrade!

Another thing we’ve been trying to do recently is learn to love ourselves. and for our friends and family to do the same. A lot of people try different diet plans I.E. The Zone, paleo, counting macros..etc but what most of them fail to realize is that you HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF.

You have to love yourself even when..
-you enjoy a carton of ice cream
-you’ve had a bad day
-you’ve gotten a bad haircut
-you look in the mirror
-you’re dumped
-you’re broke
-you’re broken
-you try on clothes
-you have acne
-you get up every single day
-you feel sad, mad, etc


There are cruel people and cruel events in life that can, let’s face it, make us feel worthless. Boys, work, our bodies, family, friends… But each of us has to stand up and fight through it. We can’t allow ourselves to hide from the world, because everyone has something to offer the world, even when you have no idea what that is.

SIDEBAR: I went to a concert in December with Blue October and Zeale. The lead singer of Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld, and the lead singer of Zeale collaborated on a song called “Invisible Prisons”. I swear to everyone here that the song has changed my life. Please find it, and listen to it! I love Blue October more than any other band on this planet. 

The point is that I’ve decided I need to learn to love myself regardless of my unwanted thoughts towards how I look in the mirror. I am a powerful individual with so much to give those around me. I enjoy helping others, I have so much heart, I’m talented, I’m beautiful, I am a creature of God with great gifts, and I am who I am – regardless of size. It’s such a difficult journey, but I’ll get there. I look up to some crossfit elite athletes like Lauren Fisher and Rich Froning and realize that muscle and strength is such a beautiful feature on people.

I hope that each of you can find reasons to love yourself despite what is happening in your life.

❤ KC



As promised…


Chelsea and the boys in all their glory. Note: I ran with them, but I was about 300m behind them…




We are goofy 🙂 We were playing around last week obviously.

Can’t stay long tonight for details, but the competition WODs have been almost entirely posted for the Throwdown next month. I’ll post those later this week to give y’all a glimpse at what we’ve been up to. Lots of sweat. I started sweating tonight just sitting on the ground stretching. There is always sweat! And we don’t “glisten” or “sparkle”. We swim in the stuff.


Happy Sunday!!

Just a quick post from the two of us. Sorta.

We are so sorry we don’t post more often. Between work, crossfit training for comp, Chelsea preparing for grad school, and our somewhat social lives we don’t always have the ability to post.

I do want to start taking more training pics of us at the box though. It’s been such a blast there lately. We are training for a competition in September so all of us are busting our butts up there. Coach is creating special comp WODs for us to train with. Some of them are miserable, others are a really fun challenge. Chelsea kills anything with cardio in it and I dominate in the strength areas more. Combine us and we’d shatter anyone who took us on! Joking joking..

Anyway, here are a couple pics from the last few weeks. I know our boxmates have taken more of us so I will have to try and snatch those up also. Enjoy!


We stop for shoe selfies 🙂


We celebrate as a family.

I love the community we have at the box. It truly is a good bunch of people we sweat with!

-KC & on behalf of CS

Genie, you’re free.

Something that has been on my mind all day..

What if we all have happy tanks? Similar to the idea that we all have love tanks (read The 5 Love Languages).

What if Robin Williams was so interested in giving out his joy and laughter that he forgot to keep some of it for himself?

I’m not trying to say that his suicide is a more important matter than any one
else who loses their battle with mental illnesses. However, because he is in the spotlight it’s a harsh reminder how intoxicating mental illnesses can be. If you are unable to find coping skills that work then it engulfs you, and you eventually drown.

I’ve had friends say he was nothing more than selfish.  Maybe he was. But so many people fail to understand how helpless it can feel when you’re trapped with depression. Yes, he could have been a positive spokesperson for mental illness like Justin Furstenfeld is, but not everyone was put on this earth for that reason. His gift was to spread lasting joy, laughter, and life lessons by the characters he played in his films. His love of acting and comedy will always shine through in those characters.

I guess what I really want to say is don’t be so quick to judge the actions of someone else. You will never know what they are tormented with on a daily basis. Money and fame don’t mean anything to an illness creeping forward in your head.  We all have demons we have to face, and I truly hope all of you can find the strength to always fight in those hard times.

Robin Williams, I sincerely hope you finally found peace.



Do one thing that scares you.

Some say you should do one thing that scares you daily. I’m all for it, but who has time? I am, however, always pushing past things that scare me. I am currently focusing on competing at the Central FL Throwdown. Hi, yes it’s crossfit related. What isn’t? Chelsea is competing as well, and she is just as nervous as I am. We are competing in the scaled division, and we are going to nail it!

I guess there is a term called “sandbagging” which is used to define people who could do the competition Rx (as prescribed) but want to win rather than push themselves harder so they enter the Sx (scaled) instead. Which means they smash the rest of us. I’ve decided I’m not too worried about those people. I am there to push through my fear of competing. I am good enough for this. That’s life. There will always be someone ready to take you on head first, but the journey you take to prepare yourself is far more fun than not trying. Unless it includes running.

My weaknesses for the Sx are pullups, jump rope, and squats. I have kipping pullups in small numbers so I am working on strict ones with a band to increase my strength. I am some days just not coordinated for the jump rope. Mental block. When it comes to the squats..well, my hips are just tight! So those are my focuses. Yay, no running!!!

I found something that scares me currently, and it’s going to be a challenge both mentally and physically, but I am beyond confident that this is going to be a blast! Especially if I wear my “wacky Wednesday” outfit like I did tonight. (It’s spirit month at our box.) See picture below.


I won today 🙂 hehe

Enjoy life, take chances, and be confident in yourself!


Looking good!

I truly believe telling a person they LOOK GOOD is a better and smarter comment than “you’ve lost weight!”.

I constantly hear that I’ve lost more weight or that my “diet” must be working.

No. I am the same weight I have been for 6 months. I’ve lost inches. I am free from the scale! I do not want to depend on a scale to tell me I look good. I FEEL GOOD!

When I was going through my eating disorder in high school I thrived on the words “you look like you’ve lost weight”. That phrase will no longer define me.

I know people don’t mean harm by saying it honestly, but I think society has us focused on being skinny to be pretty. Strong is pretty too. So is curvy, tall, short, thin, and thick. All shapes are beautiful as long as you’re healthy.

I am learning to love my body. Everybody should love their bodies. They are amazing vessels that can sustain life and create it! We are incredible beings.

So next time you want to give someone a compliment because they look healthier, more fit, or yes, thinner, then give them a boost by saying THEY LOOK GOOD. THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL. THEY LOOK CONFIDENT. THEY LOOK INCREDIBLE.

Let go of the ideology of them having to have lost weight to do so.


Meet me at the bar..


So this is us. Friends are all about trust!


That is Chelsea nailing her one handed handstand!


My own one handed handstand. I also landed 13 steps in my handstands Friday.


We practiced some rope climbs also! Chelsea had to teach me first… she kicks ass at them!


This is a small part of our CFBM crew. We had a ladies night last Friday. The men here are our coaches, assistant coaches, and helpers. It was a blast!

Overall it was an amazing night. Was something so simple but Chelsea PR’d her over head squats and I think snatches too! I PR’d my over head squats and clean&jerks. Hell yeah olympic lifts!

Hope you enjoy our crazy pictures. I have some from a mud run I ran Saturday I’d like to post also.